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ARW 2023

The Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW) will be held at the Johannes Kepler University on April 12-13, 2023. It aims to provide a vivid environment for exchange on current research topics in the area of robotics and related areas. Besides bringing together scientists working on the various aspects of robotics, the workshop aims at strengthening cooperation between academia and industry. To this end, contributions and participation from industry are very welcome.

Contributions are solicited in all areas of robotics including

  • Modelling and design in robotics

  • Software Design & Architecture

  • Estimation, Diagnosis and Learning

  • Mobile and Service Robots

  • Field and Rescue Robots

  • Assistive and health care robotics

  • UAV, UGV, Autonomous Systems

  • Advanced industrial Robotics

  • Human Robot Interaction, Usability

  • Planning and Reasoning

  • Robot Sensing and Perception

  • Sensor Modelling and Calibration

  • Realistic Sensor Simulation

  • Robotics education


Christian Ott (Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria / German Aerospace Center (DLR)) "Progress in humanoid whole-body control and locomotion: From stable walking to dynamic running with elastic actuators"

Jörn Malzahn (Head of Hardware Development, Neura Robotics GmbH)"Cognitive Robots: from Partly Completed Machines to Actually Useful Devices"

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